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  • Traditional Bed and Breakfast vs Vacation Rental

    Choosing between a Traditional B&B and a vacation rental Effective January 2024 vacation rentals in Canada are under scrutiny for various reasons but high on the list is the effort to open up more long term rentals and, ensuring legal requirements are being met including licensing with a city/municipality, payment of various taxes, insurance and compliance with health and safety requirements. Vacation rentals have diverted significantly from the early beginnings of AirBnB when it was to "rent out" an air mattress or a spare bed in someone's apartment or house, very inexpensively - and sharing all the space including the living area and kitchen, etc. with the owner. Now, vacation rentals like VRBO, AirBnB etc. advertise the entire home or apartment for short-term rental - no one there but you. It seems like a great idea and thousands have participated - both as guests and hosts. However, not everyone has "played fair". There are horror stories on both sides of the situation and has often negatively affected the surrounding neighbourhoods as large groups of noisy guests have descended on a home and there did not appear to be any immediate accountability to anyone for their disturbance, or for the damage to property. Not all vacation rentals will be viewed as illegal though. According to British Columbia legislation, as of May 2024, vacation rentals will still be allowed in communities of less than 10,000 which certainly makes renting a cottage for the family a viable option! Also, if you rent out a room in your home (like the original AirBnb) or have a "lane cottage" on your property, that is o.k. as far as I know. The important thing here is that you actually live on the property. Now, Traditional Bed and Breakfasts are, by their very nature NOT a "pure" vacation rental because it is being lived in by the hosts - AND there are specific advantages which are just not available in a short-term vacation rental property: Advantage #1 - Hosts who run a Traditional Bed and Breakfast actually like people! This looks obvious, but the main reason someone runs a Traditional Bed and Breakfast is because it is a wonderful opportunity to meet people from all over the world, and to offer kind, gracious hospitality. Yes, we like people! Advantage #2 - Personalized Service at a Bed and Breakfast At our traditional B&B, personalized hospitality includes accommodating individual preferences. If you have a question or need something - we are right here to help you. We know the area well and can point out local attractions of which may be unaware. Guests experience the local charm and intimate atmosphere of our home, with our thoughfully decorated rooms, delicious breakfasts and genuine conversations. Advantage #3 - Authentic Hospitality We foster an atmosphere where genuine connections can be made. We want our guests to feel welcomed and truly valued whether they want to interact with other guests or want to unwind in solitude. Either way, we know it will be an enriching encounter. You can check out our Bed and Breakfast Accommodation in Sidney by clicking Belle Maison Auprès De La Mer B&B.

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